Digital Media | User Experience


  • An Assessment of Social Media Use by Student Health Centers in Disseminating Health Information (Thesis)
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Case Study: Leveraging the Global-Local Paradox for Effective Health Communication in Nigeria
  • The Deafening Silence: The Use of Emerging Media (or Lack Thereof) in Communicating Health Information on College Campuses
  • Improving Health Communication at Loyola University Maryland: An Investigation of the Online Health Behavior and Preferences of Students to Inform the Design of a Centralized Health and Wellness Resource Portal
  • An Evaluation of the Strategic Communication Practices of Destiny Harvest Church and Recommendations based on Best Practices
  • The Litmus Test for Successful Innovations


  • University of South Carolina’s 2017 Health Campus Summit: Generation Z and College Health – Expectations and Realities of Health Information Dissemination on Campus

Molecular + Cellular Biology

Publications | Papers

  • Zhang, Y., Akinmade, D., and Hamburger, A. W. (2008). Inhibition of heregulin mediated MCF-7 breast cancer cell growth by the ErbB3 binding protein EBP1. Cancer Lett. Jul 8; 265 (2): 298- 306
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  • Akinmade, D. (2000). Role of phosphorylation sites on Rhodopsin tail in Arrestin-mediated deactivation. (Honors Thesis)


  • Experimental Biology (EB) San Diego, CA (2005) – Invited Graduate Student Poster in Pathology
  • 26th Annual UMB/UMBC Graduate Research Conference(2004) – 3rd Place Poster