Why Should I Practice Kundalini Yoga?

I told one of my friends that I taught Kundalini and I’ll never forget his response. He gave me this confused look then said, “Kundalini? Sounds like a type of pasta.”

Surprisingly, this response isn’t too far fetched. Not many people have heard about kundalini even after celebrities have sung its praises. Apparently even Oprah and Russell Brand can’t reach everyone. So, then what’s the deal? What makes kundalini so special? I’ll tell you:

1. The kundalini sequencing, mantras, and meditations are unique

In kundalini you always practice kriya, which translates to purified action. Each kriya is specified so you have a very concise intention. This could target specific chakras or certain ailments like depression, anxiety, digestion, heart health… it’s sometimes considered a medical meditation. The kriyas can be so different depending on the intention but they all have a meditative aspect and include mantra. Some days you might think “man, this is freaking hard!” but the shift is away from the physical, encouraging you to go inwards. I always recommend that students join the class with a sense of curiosity and an open mind.

2. It will challenge you in ways you didn’t expect

Thought holding chair pose was hard? Try holding poses for 6 minutes (sometimes longer!). Kundalini also uses dynamic asana (a.k.a poses). Each kriya uses these dynamic or static poses differently to bring out these unique responses that fit the intention. It might seem really difficult at first, but it’s crazy what you’re truly capable of doing when you put your mind to it. Sometimes it reminds me that the unimaginable can become possible, which makes this practice extremely empowering!

3. It might feel a little weird ~ and that’s liberating

You might do something you wouldn’t expect to in a yoga class. Whether it’s intense breathing, rolling around on the floor, or running in place… often kundalini will keep you guessing! If curiosity fuels your fire and trying something new sounds right up your alley then get on the mat for this liberating practice.

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